We are Profit Creek.

We are passionate about helping business leaders get what they want from their businesses. Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of our economy and the stronger our businesses are the stronger we are as a nation. We believe that healthy businesses make for healthy families. A fun, healthy, rewarding work environment is a great place to work and makes our daily lives more meaningful.

We enjoy helping companies, and the individuals who run them, experience the best that a business can offer. Our fulfillment comes from seeing businesses operate at their full potential.

Our success depends on our clients' success and our business model is built on that premise. We are committed to delivering everything we do with excellence and to exceed our clients' expectations.

Our core values and purpose.

At Profit Creek, success is seeing you prosper and doing what you love to do—everyday. At our core, we are people who:

  • Are humbly confident

    —open, honest, real and well-practiced, ready to make a positive difference

  • Grow or die

    —driven to maximize every situation and take ourselves and our clients to the next level

  • Help first

    —subordinating our personal interests to advance others, always giving value before expecting anything in return

  • Do the right thing

    —never betraying a trust and doing whatever it takes to resolve every issue so people can move forward

  • Do what we say

    —sometimes more, never less

Our purpose can be condensed to three words:

  • Real

    —being genuine, authentic, what you see is what you get

  • Simple

    —reducing or eliminating complexity

  • Results

    —achieving your desired outcome

We are abundance-minded and collaborative, working together to grow individually and help entrepreneurial leadership teams throughout the Northwest.

A brief history.

Profit Creek began in 2009 by helping organizations grow and thrive through the use of new media tools. This included video production, webcasting, email campaigns and other online tools. This part of the business has taken us all around the world including Europe, Australia, Singapore and throughout the United States. Often the delivery of these services would uncover inherent issues within our clients' businesses. Often we found ourselves offering more and more business advice.

In 2016 the demand for, and our experience in, business consulting led us to provide a proven, effective method to people get what they truly want from their businesses. Although we maintain our New Media roots, helping businesses thrive is now the primary focus of Profit Creek.

I don’t know what else I can say-deal with this man in complete confidence!Leo Geis | Idaho Airships

How we work.

1 We start by listening to determine if there is a right fit for both of us. This allows us to get insight into your goals and challenges. We also share briefly about what we do and what we can provide. From there we meet with you and your leadership team...

2 In just 90 minutes with you and your leadership team we share all of the tools and the process that is EOS. At the end of the meeting you'll have more insight on your business, a complete picture of what we do.

3 Once engaged we work with you and your leadership team to accomplish three things:

First we help you identify your VISION; where you're going and the steps to get you there.

Next we help you gain TRACTION right away by becoming more disciplined, accountable and executing really well to achieve every part of the vision.

Finally we give you the tools to create a HEALTHY, functional, cohesive team.